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Beat Tape 1 Double Vinyl LP

Beat Tape 1 Double Vinyl LP

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Beat Tape 1 Double Vinyl Gatefold LP

“Beat Tape 1” was an early showcase of Tom Misch's singular skills. Now featuring the previously unheard “Marrakech” , this collection of low-lit instrumentals perfectly weaves elements of jazz, soul and hip hop, composed, performed and mixed by the polymath himself. “Beat Tape 1” takes inspiration from one of Misch’s key influences, J Dilla. The tape has also been remastered for the new release.


01. The Real Thing

02. In A Special Way

03. Summer

04. Take Me Back

05. Keep Moving

06. Lush Lyfe 

07. Epiphany

08. Dilla Love

09. Cruisin'

10. Deeper

11. Windmills of Your Mind

12. Climbing

13. Marrakech

14. Euphoric

15. Can't Explain It

16. Maguel Chops

17. Wind (Jazzy Joint)

18. Wonder

19. You Got Me Flying

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